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Corporate Gift Offers

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Methods of Personalisation, Artwork and Origination Requirements

Screen Printing: Applying ink through a stencil screen. Ideal for plastic, PU and in some cases promotional clothing and metal products.

Tampo Printing: Transferring ink on to a product by means of a rubber pad. Ideal for the same materials as screen printing and used when applying to a curved surface, eg golf balls.

Die Stamping: A heated metal die is pressed into the surface of a business gift, leaving an impression. Ideal for leather or solid metal surfaces.

Hot Foil Blocking: As die stamping but putting colour foil between the die and the product, leaving a colour filled impression. NB: foil colours are restricted and it is not always possible to match PMS colours.

Diamond Cut or Laser Engraving: Personalisation is cut into the promotional product using a diamond or laser cutter. Ideal for metal products.

Embroidery: The emroidery of up to six colours directly into the gift. Ideal for most clothing and hats.


Good artwork is essential in order to personalise your selected goods. If you submit hard copy artwork it should be black and white bromide or colour separated film. Alternatively, we can accept artwork on disk, accompanied by a hard colour copy or by e-mail. Disc and e-mail promotional artwork are liable for a bureau surcharge in the event of incompatibility with our own software. If you are unable to produce your own artwork we can produce it for you at an additional cost.


Origination is the general term referring to the creation of the actual screen, die, template or jacquard needed to apply your personalisation requirements to each product. For screen printing, a separate screen is required for each colour and will be charged accordingly. For exact repeat orders the origination can be re-used, although there may be a setup charge for setting up the machinery required.

Origination costs vary dramatically depending on the type of promotional gift and the kind of personalisation required. The chart below gives a rough guide to origination costs but please contact us for a firm origination costing on each product.


Additional Unit Cost per colour/position

Screen Printing / Tampo Printing 5p - £1.00 0 - £50
Laser / Diamond Cut Engraving 50p - £4.00 £20 - £75
Die Stamping / Hot Foil Blocking (Metal) 15p - 75p £100 - £220
(Plastics, etc) 15p - 50p £25 - £50
Special Die Cut Products Cutter: £100 - £350
Embroidery 20p - £1
per K stitches
£15 - £25
per K stitches

Please note that the above is a rough guide only and it is always advisable to contact us for an accurate costing on every product.

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Corporate Gift Offers
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Corporate Gift Offers
Corporate Gift Offers

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